Friday, October 25, 2013

Society of Automotive Historians Book Signing, October 11, 2013, in the tent at the A.A.C.A. Meeting

2013 SAH Book Signing; Paul Lashbrook

2013 SAH Book Signing Doug Leighton, left; James Hinchliffe, center; Annabelle Sleigh, right

2013 SAH Book Signing; Bob Ebert, left; Kit Foster, center, Harriet Foster, right.
Hi folks -- I just got these photos yesterday and decided to post them. Friday was a brutal day weather-wise, with a driving rain much of the day.  I was scheduled to sign books at the tent, but decided otherwise, a good idea given the fact that I was coming down what later blossomed into viral pneumonia. But the ahrdy did come and enjoy a remarkable couple of hours of fellowship.Our kudos go to Paul Lashbrook, above all, and then to those who provided support for the event and attended. Next year will give us another opportunity to gather under the tend and sign books -- my Stealing Cars should be there as well as The Automobile and American Life.

Special thanks go to Paul Lashbrook for his vision and energy in making all this happen -- this was done despite some serious health issues.

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