Sunday, October 13, 2013

Society of Automotive Historians' Friend of Automotive History Award for 2013 -- Dr. Fred Simeone

Well me presenting the award Plaque to Dr. Simeone. My head must be moving -- it looks like xome sort of face of an alien that you see when watching "Outer Limits."

Taken from a nomination letter for Dr. Simeone:

Dr. Fred Simeone is a highly accomplished American neurosurgeon. He won numerous accolades in medicine in addition to saving countless lives. Fred has over the years developed interests in many other endeavors. These have included music, the arts, and a general attraction to all manner of civic-minded activities in his native Philadelphia. That is not by itself unusual. Many people who are accomplished in the upper echelons of intellectually and physically demanding disciplines find solace in disparate but equally challenging avocations. But few have transformed what was once a pastime into a full-fledged second career and then become as successful with that as with the first.

Fred Simeone’s passion for fine automobiles is not new. He is a second generation “car guy” and parlayed his boyhood delights into a systematic approach to collecting. Surgery requires thoughtful research on each individual case followed by precise and decisive action. Dr. Simeone has approached automobile history from a similar depth. He has championed the notion that the automotive collector and museum community primary role is the stewardship of this important artifact and that future generations will assess how well that task has been accomplished. Through the words of his books and articles on the subject and such deeds as the establishment of the Simeone Foundation Automotive he has eloquently set the community on the proper path. The award winning museum has rapidly become a nexus for creating dialogue between the machines and the people behind them on the one hand and the broader society on the other. Fred is guiding this along with the same devotion as he provided to his many patients. Thanks to him, the field of automotive history is in goods hands. 

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