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Drift with New Bentley Continental GT -- a contribution from Emily Matthews!

2013 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Drift with New Bentley Continental GT
Bentley from its earliest days has set new standards in the automobile with their great innovative design and excellence in engineering. These cars took the Guide Touring rulebook and rewrote it. Right from the legendary R-type Continental of the 1950’s to the Continental GT of the 21st century, Bentley cars have revolutionized the Grand Touring industry. The Continental GT V8 is again one of the masterpieces from Bentley. It is a stunning mix of the classic Bentley DNA with the contemporize design and modern technology. A perfect example of how a supercar meets the handcrafted luxury. In fact driving this Bentley is like driving a very powerful, yet luxurious piece of English Art. 
The 2013 Bentley GT V8 is the entry level Bentley that offers less of everything less weight, less power, lesser horsepower and also lesser price. It looks like Bentley wants to spread their range of cars to a lower audience. This 2013 Bentley shares the same iconic design like it precedes. It’s absolutely perfect and certainly promises to be your status symbol. The few key differences between V8 and W12 being V8 has its black grille with its chrome frame and vertical center bar. If you pass by a Continental GT V8, you’ll also notice its unique exhaust outlet’s which is different. Another difference that you can notice is the beautiful melody of the new exhaust of V8, which certainly is much more engaging than the sound of W12. 
Engine wise the Bentley has a new twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine, which is co-developed with Audi. It’s deeper, richer, and altogether more athletic than the more powerful and heavier W12. Specification wise also V8 is very impressive, the V8 engine produces a daunting 500 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 487 pound feet of torque. With this surprisingly powerful engine it has a ZF sourced eight-speed automatic transmission. This powerful engine is also very fast, its only 0.2 seconds slower that the W12 which is almost 2.0 liter bigger than this, it can get 0-60 miles per hour at 4.6 seconds. Mileage wise, this beauty is very good giving out 15 miles per gallon in city while 24 miles per gallon on highway. The test drive of this car on a totally iced lake itself tells the kind of engine this muscular beauty possess. 
The Interiors are well crafted giving the car’s cabin a very stylish and luxurious look. They have given special attention to make the cabin sound proof. The instrument panel and dashboard have the legendary flying wings of the Bentley motif. Modern technology like touch screen panel which is specially developed for Bentley, also the graphical interface of the touch screen custom made by Bentley to make sure that its visuals enhances the styling quotient of the car. The new entertainment unit brings out the ultimate audio sound system. It also has the chrome bezelled knobs and a very innovative removable storage space are housed within dynamic cool pit. 

With all such dynamic functions, this Bentley is certainly a cherry on icing. Bentley has attracted many passionate car lovers from decades, and this new low priced Continental GT might open new chapters for the car makers. Go ahead and buy this elegant machine, but do remember to have a valid photo on driving licence

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