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The Crazy Race in Brazil is Coming February 14-16. Sounds like Fun!

Hi folks -- this looks like it might be fun!  Let's all leave the gloomy winter of the Midwest and enjoy life. It is good to know that our passion is worldwide.

The crazy race is coming
Classic cars event happens on February 14, 15 e 16, in Franca – São Paulo/ Brazil. Only cars built until 1936 can participate.

A story linking the unusual. A pinch of daring and a good dose of enthusiasm and above all a lot of courage. These were the ingredients that resulted in today’s most outgoing events of classic cars in the country.
While Brazil sees the movement of classic cars growing very fast and where the overwhelming majority of those events are exhibitions, collector’s meetings show other events that have a habit of leaving the classic vehicles stuck in their tracks while visitors walk among them. We have on the other hand the event called “Pé na Tábua – Corrida de Calhambeques” which goes against the trend. In the Calhambeques’s race visitors are also fans of old cars but they don’t need to move to see the cars because they come to them; after all we are in a race.

This event became a reality for several reasons and one of them was to show that all automobiles were born to be driven. The first “Pé na Tábua – Corrida de Calhambeques” happened in January of 2011 and since then it became a reference for those who like to combine fun, leisure and vintage cars. Everything becomes more interesting because only vehicles manufactured until 1936 are allowed to get into the race.

In its fourth edition in 2014 the event has another differential. It will receive the Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet who raced the past three editions with his Lincoln 1927 and won the “Speed” category. The event date has already been set and all the preparations for the 4° edition are being made to receive enthusiasts at “Speed Park”, in Franca - São Paulo - Brazil.

If you want to know more details about the race, enter our site: or check out our Facebook page.

Pé na Tábua – Corrida de Calhambeques - 2014 Edition
Date: February 14, 15 e 16
Place: Speed Park – Franca - São Paulo - Brazil (Runway Franca/Claraval KM 3)

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