Monday, September 19, 2016

Cars from France: !0th Dayton Concours, September 18, 2016

a 1963 Renault Dauphine. You can argue about its significance, but the facts say it was very significant.  Over 1 million made, put many French workers on the Road, and as an import to the US actually outsold the VW Beetle on year during the late 1950s!
The Facellia -- not to be confused with a later model that had a big Chrysler engine stuffed in it.  1100 of these models were made, with a B18 Volvo engine as its power plant.  Thought of as a failure, it has to be one of the most beautiful failures in history. The rear of this car is a design to die for.
An early 1970s Citroen-Maserati. A pathbreaking aerodynamic design, with a low sloped front and chopped rear end.  All kinds of crazy steering and braking features, and of course the hydropneumatic suspension. If you wanted to drive something different and had $11.000+ in the early 1970s, this was the car for you! The color is hideous.
Rick Grant's 1935 Bugatti Royale.  Best in class. Rick bought this car for $1800 in 1967.

This 1929 Bugatti reach car was run at the Indianapolis 500 in 1929 and is at the Indy 500 Museum. The classic Bugatti blue color.

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