Sunday, September 25, 2016

HST 344 "Automobile and American Life" Exam 1 Study Sheet -- How well could you do?

Hi folks -- I have a first exam coming up soon.  How well could you do on it?

HST 344
Exam 1 study sheet, fall, 2016
Dr. Heitmann

I  Identification and Significance. (50 pts.) I will choose eight of the following and you must answer five.  For each write a short paragraph (minimum 3 to 4 sentences).  Make sure you are as incisive and factual with your response, and stress the significance of the person, place, or thing.
  1.  The Bicycle as a Technological Antecedent
  2. “European by Birth, American by Adoption”
  3. Early 20th century Electric Cars
  4.  Horatio Nelson Jackson
  5. Henry Ford and the Origins of Mass Production
  6. The Ford Model T
  7.  Frederick Winslow Taylor and Scientific Management
  8.  Sloanism and Production Changes, late 1920s-1930s
  9. Billy Durant and General Motors
  10. C.F. “Boss” Kettering and the Self-Starter
  11. Harley Earl and Automotive Design
  12. Ned Jordan and Automotive Advertising
  13.  The Rickenbacker Automobile
  14.  The Lincoln Highway
  15. The Copper-Cooled Engine
  16.  Route 66

II Essay(50 pts.). In a well-organized and factual essay, answer the following, making sure to include both an introduction and conclusion.

Ben Hamper’s Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line is a remarkable tale focusing on the nature of assembly line work at General Motors during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is among other things, quite an indictment of General Motors’ management practices, ironically coming from an unhinged worker.  At the same time, it is sorry depiction of UAW work ethic. First, being as specific and detailed as possible, describe Hamper’s portrayal of management style and managers.  Secondly, how did Hamper and others cope with their work environment? To what degree do you think that Hamper’s account is on target, or perhaps not? 

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