Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ed's Final Report from the Arctic Circle: Ferraris in Norway, Harley-Davidsons in Finland

John, got back this past Tuesday and dead tired.  But in a resort town at the base of a beautiful fiord we encountered a group of Ferrari's driven by members of the Ferrari Club of Norway.  

They parked together and I went over and chatted with a couple of the owners.  I think there were about 12 cars all together -- mostly red ones, a few yellow ones, and one black one.  

I asked the owner of this red one (photo attached and in motion) if he had ever heard of Heitmann Motor Sports and -- to my amazement -- he said that he had met Mr. Heitmann a few months back at a car show.

Approximately 50 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, we stayed one night in a Finnish summer resort that, in the winter, was a haven for snowmobile fanatics..............but outside our hotel upon our arrival was a gathering of Finnish Harley-Davidson owners.  We were told that there were over 800 Harley's in town for the weekend and several of the hotels were literally surrounded by Harley cycles.

I spoke briefly with a salesperson who had trekked up from Helsinki with a "special new" limited edition Harley inside of a beautiful enclosed trailer (see attached photo).  

Inside, along with another new Harley was this (also pictured) "military-style" special edition.  The gentleman sold me he sold it within ten minutes of pulling into the hotel parking lot.

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