Monday, March 20, 2017

The MGA Twin Cam: Sports Car Of The Year (1955-1956)

My first car was a black with red interior 1959 MGA. I got it my senior year jun High school, 1966.  The above film stresses the Twin-Cam variant, a car that I understand was difficult to tune and had other maintenance issues. I paid $600 for that first car, and sold it for almost that much. It was a Western New York Car, meaning it by the time I got it, it was filled with Bondo.  It never failed me, despite all the writing about Lucas electrics.  The mystery for me back then was the SU carburetors and how to tune them. I still have the Unisyn I bought to tune the car. It had wire wheels and knock off hubs, and when the top was down it introduced me to the sheer exhilaration of driving.

I wonder now what attracted me to British cars and the MG in particular? No one in my family had British cars. My older cousins didn't think much of imports at all.  I do remember walking by the sports car dealership on Delaware Avenue in North Buffalo, Mark Motors, and being struck by a light Blue MGA that was for sale for $1300.  There and to be something that made a powerful impression on my 17 year-old mind that said to me "you didn't know about this shape before, but now you must have it."

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