Saturday, March 11, 2017

The saga of a Broken Bolt on a 1971 Porsche 911T

Hi folks -- I am having problems uploading photos this morning, but promise to insert a photo as soon as technical difficulties are resolved (if ever!). So a few weeks ago I was driving the Porsche on a great February ride and then it happened: my clutch went to the floor and did not come back up again.  And I heard a thunk.  I was in third gear, not terribly far from home, and God cooperated with two green lights.  So I rolled it into the garage, and kept quiet for a few weeks until I thought Kaye was in a better mood to tell her that the Porsche needs a flatbed truck.

That time came and I used my Haggerty towing insurance to take it to Specialty Motorworks in Moraine where the son of my friend Cliff Brockman (same name as his Dad) worked on the car. The good news was just a broken bolt (actually release lever ball pin). Brock also found a spring steel tab that had a stress fracture in it, and it was replaced as well.  Thanks, Brock for a great job!  The bad news was that the engine and to come out to get the job done. At the same time I had an axle shaft boot replaced.
I got the car back on Thursday and will take it out later today.  My wallet is much lighter, but let's hope the car stays on the road through the driving season.


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