Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Saga of the Broken Porsche 911 (1970-71) Clutch Pivot Bolt: Part II

An improved part that can cause the pivot bolt to fracture.

Where the part in question is to go.
Hi folks -- more on the Broken Pivot Bolt, posted a while back.

If you recall, several weeks ago my clutch pedal went to the floor after a brisk and great ride.  AS it turned out, its as the pivot bolt as shown here:

OK, so I was reading Morgan's book on buying a Porsche 911 and found out that if you use a metal trunion connector as a replacement for the plastic one (which I went to when I had the clutch changed out several years ago), the strong metal one can stress out the pivot bolt and break it.  And then you are left with a $1000 repair because the engine has to come out to replace the bolt.  Here ware some images I found at Pelican parts:

Plastic connector, about $7, just carry a spare!

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