Sunday, April 30, 2017

At the Gilmore Automobile Museum, April 28-9, 2017

This museum features American cars, but did have a very nice room exploring the sports cars of the 1950s. Note the wonderful wall graphics

The cars of the Golden Age of the 1950s
Franklin Air-cooled Engines -- their evolution depicted

An earlier Franklin engine. Historian Sinclair Powell has published extensively on this firm

A Kaiser-Darrin interior

Kaiser-Darrin dash with an accessory Stewart-Warner Mileage Minder

a Packard Hawk

a 1934 Pierce-Arrow in the Background

A Tucker Engine

A Tucker with 50 original miles!

Look at that 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser in the Background. Buck Rodgers  Hits the Interstates!

Near Kalamazoo, MI, in Hickory Corners, the Gilmore is a must-see destination. Stay at the Sheraton 4 Points in Kalamazoo. Best buffet breakfast anywhere on the planet!

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