Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Locomobile Old 16: One of the most famous of all American race cars

Hi folks -- just learning a bit of early American auto racing history and putting it on the blog. It is amazing how little I know about this topic. Locomobile No. 16 (other numbers used before 1908) was the result of an expensive company effort to build a  competitive race car.  It is now at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, if you want to see it for yourselves, as part of the Driving America exhibit. It was a giant machine, a 4 cylinder, chain-drive vehicle. With a 6.4+ in.  bore and a 7.25 inch stroke, side exhaust valves and overhead intake valves, the engine's total displacement was 1038 cubic inches. Its' fame, as well of driver George Robertson, was due to it being the first America made vehicle to win the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908. The winning vehicle covered the 258.6 mile course in 4 hours and 48.2 seconds for an average of 64 miles per hour.

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