Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cars and Coffee, at the Greene, Beavercreek, Ohio April 15, 2017

Hi folks -- I got there quite late own Saturday morning, and did not spend a lot of time at the event.  By the time I got there a good number had left, although maybe 60% of the lot was still filled with cars.  Lots of kids on the  side of the road leading up to the parking garage, and on the ramp going up.

My only complaint is that the younger crowd with high performance cars really should be more respectful when leaving -- you don't have to peel out to show off your stuff. The noise can be offensive to some, and the site could be lost if a number of outsiders complain.

So three cars featured here -- a DeLorean, a newer version of the Avanti -- I don't know what iteration this one was, although it is not an original -- and a low-rider.

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