Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 of the "Dash to the West Coast" -- 618 miles, from Centerville OH to Mt. Vernon, MO.

A great place to get a meal on I-70, about 60 miles east of St. Louis

Next to the Interstate at Effingham is this huge cross, with what appears to be mediation and prayer benches around it. This photo does not doe the cross justice. The only other cross that I have seen previously that rivals it in size is at the Exposition Park in San Francisco.

Hi folks -- well, it is more of a saunter than a dash, at least from what was accomplished on the first day. The Nissan performed well, and I did my best to move fast, but at age 62 I just don't drive as hard or as long as I once did. But it was a start, and I had some great fun along the way. Attached are two photos -- one at the start, another at a favorite restaurant in Effingham, IL, Nieberg's Family Restaurant, which at one time featured mile-high pies. I opted for a more healthy chef salad, however. I overshot my objective of Springfield, MO, and ended up in this weird little town of Mt. Vernon. The only food establishment that had any other folks in it was El Asteca, and had some decent enchiladas there. But an authentic Mexican menu in the Ozarks? I guess you can find it almost anywhere in America now.

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