Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home on Coronado!

I am about two blocks from the golf course.
Hi folks -- last night was my first one on Coronado! Unpacked, and started walking the island. A soon to be done feature will be the cars of Coronado -- interesting cars parked on the street. I have already seen a good number, and more are under car covers. Got my library card yesterday as well, and checked out a few auto history books to re-read -- Charlie Sorenson's memoir and Jim Flink's first study, America Adopts the Automobile. I had breakfast this morning at Clayton's Coffee Shop on Orange Avenue -- it ha a big horseshoe counter -- and now will go to Kobe's Swap Meet. After that it is on to Tony's and finishing the welding job on the 1967 Mercury Cougar floor pan.

A note to friends like Randy Hughes -- I have plenty of space here for a visit when you get tired of shoveling. So long you cook.

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  1. Welcome to the island. Get to know Coronado better via Super fans of Coronado united!