Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drivable Dreams on Coronado, CA, Streets

I spotted this rare Datsun 1200 P/U while walking to breakfast this morning.
There are nice bugs everywhere in this area.

1955 Ford Mainline -- for sale at $10,500. Fresh paint, but with a straight 6.

VW Vans everywhere as well, as you might expect.

A mid-1970s MGB, tired, but probably a great deal of fun here near the beach.

Hi folks -- there are not as many collector cars on the streets of Coronado as I thought. But there are some-- almost one per block -- and there are a number of interesting-looking cars that lurk under covers. I have not yet had the courage or foolhardiness to pull off the covers, however, to take photos for this blog! The photos here reflect the eclectic nature of Island.

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