Friday, March 30, 2012

The Best Thing about NASCAR -- Linda Vaughn -- "Miss Hurst" Golden Shifter

This is what Tom Wolfe said of Linda Vaughn in his The Kandy-Kolored.... (p. 139).

"Starting time! Linda Vaughn with the big blond hair and blossomy breasts,puts down her Coca-Cola and the potato chips and walks out of the officials' booth in her Rake-a-cheek
red showgirl's costume with her long honeydew legs in net stockings and climbs up on the red Firebird float. The Life Symbol of stock car racing!...Linda gets up on the Firebird float.This is an extraordinary object, made of wood, about twenty feet tall, in the shape of a huge bird, an eagle of something, blazing red, and Linda, with her red show-girl's suit on, gets up on the seat, which is up between the wings, like a saddle, high enough so her long honeydew legs stretch down, and a new car pulls her -- Miss Firebird -- slowly around the track just before the race."

Linda Vaughn --appearances in films "Gumball Rally"(1976) and "Stroker Ace" (1983).
Later vice-president of Mr. Gasket.
From a Georgia good old girl to a famous 60s-70s and beyond celebrity.

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