Monday, March 5, 2012

The Sad Fate fo the Volt -- A Short Poem, contributed by Ed Garten!

In light of GM halting production for a spell of the Volt, I found the following "poem" on the Internet. I assume that "Progs" mean "Progressives." None the less, the poem is a bit humerous given the pickle that GM seems to be in re: the Volt.
O and his Progs are crying today,
No one will purchase a new Chevrolet.

Though rebates, incentives and good vibes were offered,
The people refused to be hoodwinked and haltered.

We looked at the Volt and were slightly offended,
Then looked at the price in the tax dollars tended.

"No Volt" and "Buy Ford" we repeated and screamed,
And the Volt sales just stopped; their sales numbers creamed.

A lesson from US to His Highness, King O,
Stop trying to snow us. You know where you can go...

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