Monday, March 26, 2012

Procrastination -- Installing a new Part that I bought 12 years ago -- A New Voltage Regulator for my Porsche 911

This was the old Marchal voltage regulator I replaced with a new one. It looked like it had gone through a war.

Hi folks -- I don't know why I am the way I am! I have had a new voltage regulator stashed in my parts bin for 12 years now, and finally yesterday decided to put it in. Perhaps it was in the wake of my successful installation of the Perma-Tune ignition box on Saturday. Anyway, I put it in yesterday without much of a hitch, although the bottom screw was a bit difficult as it is partially hidden by a radio noise suppression capacitor that is also installed right there.
The car seems to be running great after the installation of the new ignition box. In fact, it was running a bit lean, so I opened each of the idle mixture screws just a bit to compensate.

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