Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Porsche 911 Ignition Box Switch: From the OEM Bosch to a 1976 Permatune Unit

Hi folks -- several years ago at the April Porsche swap meet at Hershey I ended up buying a very gently used Permatune unit as a backup for $40.00. Earlier this month I checked it out electronically using an ohm and capacitance meter, and so decided to go the next step and install it. Before I did that I would have to find a compatible coil, and read in an old Stoddard catalog that a blue Bosch coil works well and costs little -- actually $40.00, which I ordered from Pelican parts.
Installed both box and coil this morning and it works fine. I ma going to clean up the plugs and see if the 3x more power claimed by Permatune actually is the case, or hype.

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