Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5000 Kilometer Africa -- a 1940 photo book

5000 Kilometer Africa 

Pictorial report on an early Egypt-Sudan car expedition.
The route went from Cairo via Aswan to Khartoum and on about
 Sennar, Gedaref and Kassala to Port Sudan at the Red Sea.
 Irmgard von Opel and her husband Georg von Opel and
 his friend Eric Phelps have been sent on behalf of an English
 film company to this Egypt and Sudan expedition to gather material for a film.

All photos have been taken with a Leica on Agfa-Isopan-
und Agfa-Color-Film.
Fantastic photographs of a past time, including Sultan-Hassan-Mosque,
 Suez Canal, Nile, Karnak Temple at Luxor, Wadi Halfa area,
died camel, Abu Simbel, nile cataracts, big turtle, market in Omdurman
, girls, crocodile, eagle, tamtam man, Fuzzi-Wuzzi bedouins and more ....

Hi folks -- this book is being advertised
on ebayright now. I found it so fascinating
and rare, Iwanted to share it with you.
It is a $150, andout of my price range,
 but perhaps one of youwill buy it.
 A worthwhile book to won if you are
into the history of road trips.

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