Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Women and a 1930 Road Trip from West Virginia to Mexico -- from Ed Garten

Probably not for the blog (up to you) but this is a great photo that a cousin of mine just ran across.  This photo was taken in 1930 (detail of the auto's license plate shows West Virginia plates that say 1930).  These are late aunts who -- can you believe -- drove a car and as tourists and as women with no men along, from West Virginia to Mexico.  In this photo they are boarding some sort of ferry that has taken them or will take them across a small Mexican river.  Clearly the photo supports the argument that women took to the automobile -- even without men along -- and set out looking for adventure!  Note the sombaros two of the aunts are wearing (smile)

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  1. Great picture. I can definitely believe that women took to the automobile for adventure's sake. You might be interested in my latest project Three Months By Car, which is about a tri-country road trip taken by three young women in 1929. The blog @ is an extension of my MA thesis. Happy to have found your blog!