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Hatchback Comparison -- a contribution from Albert Tang

 Ford Focus
 VW Golf

Audi A3

Hatchback Comparison 2013

The name hatchback is generally used to refer a car that has a sloped back and a rear door that swings upward when opened. The automobile industry started manufacturing these cars as they wanted to provide cars that could seat 4-5 people and still offer a decent amount of cargo space. Some of the first hatchbacks released on the market are the Aston Martin DB2, AC Aceca, Chevrolet Nova and DB Mark III, which were introduced in the 1950’s and their improved versions were continually used later.

Most Popular Hatchbacks Today
Today hatchback cars are extremely popular. They make for great city cars, are not too expensive yet comfortable and are usually very fuel-efficient and thus very suitable for long journeys, too. In the early 2000’s the popularity of hatchback cars reached new heights when they became top selling cars in America. Some great new models released in 2013 are in example the Focus, Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf. Let’s have a closer look at these 3 very popular cars.

Ford Focus ST

One of the most modern versions among hatchback cars, the Ford Focus is a classic piece of automobile engineering from the 20th century.  Some of the features of the 2013 Ford Focus include:
·        Turbo engine
·        Extended engine torque up to 270 Lb. – ft. in just 15 seconds
·        3000 to 4500 extended RPM
·        Electronically assisted steering system
·        Torque steer compensation
·        Throttling enhancements
This hatchback car runs much like a sports car. The Focus ST has an engine with efficient torque speed adjustments and is capable to switch among different modes of operation. While sports mode is active, it picks up the top speeds within fractions of a minute. Moreover, the guided features like water temperature, turbo boost indication and oil pressure gauge keep the driver up to date with different car statistics.
Other than having a highly powerful engine and a modified classic exterior, the ST has the most fascinating interior that other hatchback cars of 2013 might lack. Front seats are spectacular with techy cloth inserts and leather bolsters. Moreover, a meaty leather wrapped steering wheel and contrast colored dashboard enhance the interior looks of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf

Following the Focus ST, the 2013 Golf is also one of the more modern versions of 2013 hatchback cars. It is known for its superior handling and for being a secure ride. The 2013 Golf has a 2.5 liter five cylinder, 170HP engine which is exactly comparable to its rival Focus St’s engine. Golf’s engine can offer torque up to 177 Lb. –ft., which is somewhat less when compared with the Focus. However, this high power engine can compromise on fuel consumption which is somewhat better than the ST’s.
To improve the fuel economy a Golf TDI 2.0 liter diesel engine is highly recommended. This engine is more robust than the engine in previous versions of the Golf and can deliver up to 236 Lb. – ft. of torque. Some of the other features of Golf worth mentioning include:
·        Six speed manual transmission
·        DSG optional transmission (manual plus automatic)
·        Traction and stability controls
·        Antilock disc brake
·        12.4 Cubic feet of cargo area

Audi A3

The Audi A3 holds a leading position among the most consistent and light weight 2013 hatchback cars. Having a weight of only 1,175kg this car is significantly lighter than other hatchback competitors in the market. Some of the specs of the 2013 Audi A3 are:
·        180-200 HP, 1.8 TFSI engine
·        Electromechanical braking system
·        Power steering system
·        Radar assisted adapted cruise control
·        Automatic traffic sign detection
·        MMI navigation system
·        Adaptive shock absorbers and magnetic ride technology
·        ESC stabilization control
The 2013 Audi A3 offers a unique highly efficient electromechanical driving experience while the improved chassis design and wheel suspension imparts high stability and enhanced road grip to the vehicle. The ESC stabilization control system integrates an electronic differential slip, which makes the vehicles handling easy especially during swift turns and at high speeds.
You can rest assured knowing all three vehicles discussed did very well in the crash tests monitored by Euroncap. The 2012 Audi A3 showed 95% safety, the 2012 Ford Focus was rated at 92% and the 2012 Golf rated 94%. You can count on all 2013 versions of these cars being as safe as or even safer than the 2012 versions.
As you can see all 3 of the discussed 2013 hatchbacks belong among the finest pieces of automobile engineering and are competitive in technology, design, efficiency and performance.
Author: Albert Tang is an avid automotive enthusiast, writer, and blogger for

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