Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Visit to the GM Historical/Heritage Center, Sterling Heights, MI

 This truck greets visitors to the GM Heritage Center.  It is a very difficult to find facility that is not open to the public.  In addition to the cars there is an archive that one can use by appointment.
 A wide angle shot of the floor with cars all around. About 150 are on the floor, many more in storage. One criticism -- this is all about thecars, but not about the people. Nice for the enthusiast, but asa histoical presentation it has a long way to go to reconstruct the past.  Most auto museums just throw cars on  the floor and think that is enough -- not so! people make history, not things.
 An electric Corvair project form the 1970s.
 A 1960s project car -- plenty of technology, not very much real vision.
 A classic 1955 Chevy dashboard. There were great GM successes, and in 1955 they hit the jackpot.

 Another economy project car -- with all that tlaent, they could not see the future.
My favorite -- taken from a Kentucky dealer, the fabulous Oldsmobile Rocket.  See the epilogue of my book, The Automobile and American Life.

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