Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can you Identify the Ex-Ukrainian President's Cars?

So what are many of these cars? I have never seen most of these vehicles. Thanks to Ed Garten. From Ed -- a response -- John, the first car in the first photo is not a Bentley – it’s one of the last ZIL limos that the Russians made.  Sort of a cross between a Bentley grille and a 1980s Lincoln Town Car grille.  The black and white car in the foreground of the second photo on the blog is an early 1930s Audi.  Look closely or enlarge the photo a bit and you can see the “four rings.” 

 a Bentley? No, ZIL!

No idea on these two! Audi! Aha -- now I remember, a Wanderer?

the two in the foreground look like they would be good for getting out of town!

A couple of Fiats on the right

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