Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas, 1953 -- My first set of wheels -- a contribution by Ed Garten

Just prior to Christmas 1953 yours truly wasn't expecting much in the way of presents for Christmas.  Times were tough at our home in southern West Virginia, especially since my parents had just divorced.  

Perhaps under the tree I might receive a flannel shirt, a bag of oranges, and maybe some hard candy at church (recall Dolly Parton's classic song "A Hard Candy Christmas?")  But, lo and behold, what I did receive for Christmas 1953 but my first set of wheels (see attached photo).   

Pointedly, surprise sometimes exceeds expectation.  As you can imagine, as a future "car guy" I polished those wheels every day and never let a speck of dust surround those spokes!  

Why is our first set of wheels (even with trainer wheels on) so special to young boys and girls?

"Wheels" -- our invitation to both the journey of life........... and freedom.

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