Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reflections on the loss of Tom from "Click and Clack" -- a contribution from Ed Garten

We have lost a national treasure.
Two MIT grads who liked to talk about cars. I don't think I learned a single thing about repairs but was constantly amused by their antics and powers of "deduction". Their sense of humanity and their razor sharp wit made Tom and Ray special. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that has claimed another exceptional mind.
Ray always warned the audience, "Don't drive like my brother," to which Tom replied, "And don't drive like my brother."  Put the car in park, turn off the ignition, and good night old friend.
Nah...Drive it however you want to now Tom!
He can take the Limo. Picov Andropov can take him to the other side.  RIP Tom Well Done Sir.
His  laugh will be forever ingrained into my memory.
Here is just one more reason we need way more Alzheimer's research. My Mom is another reason.
My dad, two of his sisters and one of his brothers. All dead due to the ravages of this disease. It's ugly and insidious and it breaks heart.

I agree, Alzheimer's destroys the people it attacks, and cripples their loved ones, so to speak.

Tom's laugh always reminded me of my mom. I'd never heard anyone laugh with such abandon, like she had, until I heard Car Talk for the first time. Condolences to Ray and all the family. Donation on its way.
Who knew that taking care of your car could be so much fun! Loved you, Tommy! Condolences to Ray and the family.
You were my gateway to NPR. Saturday mornings were always started with a laugh. Thank you for all the great memories. RIP Tom.
What a sad day it is today. Car talk was the very first radio talk shows that I ever listened too.

I hope that Tom finds a great big garage up there that has plenty of problematic cars for him to diagnose.
Tom and Ray cured me of my fear of car repair and reminded me not to take life so seriously. What a loss. My best to Ray and family.
I listened to their show even when I didn't own a car! It was infectious, it was amazing they could use the same format, decade after decade and it never sounded stale. They managed to create an instant rapport with callers that I think is truly unmatched on radio. I send my sympathies to their family but I will continue to listen every Saturday as long as it’s on the air.
Terrible news. I never listened to Car Talk without being cheered up. Not once. There was just something about Tom and Ray that made me happy. Even my wife, who has no interest in cars at all, enjoyed the show. These guys didn't just know about cars, they knew about people. Some of their jokes and stories would make my wife and I roar with laughter because she and I had gone through something similar. I never heard a show quite like Car Talk and doubt if I ever will again. Truly irreplaceable.
What a loss. We truly do need more Alzheimer's research--perhaps a challenge is in order, similar to the recent and very successful ALS challenge. Perhaps the "Rust Bucket" challenge, where cars are donated to charity in Tom's memory?

I agree with Phil Jones: we have lost a national treasure. Who would've ever guessed that talking about cars would be fun and interesting? I'll continue to listen to Tom and Ray every Saturday or Monday or both. And I am saddened to hear that Alzheimer's was the cause of death. What a terrible disease this is!


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