Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Present to Remember: The Visible V-8 Engine

Hi folks -- I had a number of memorable Christmas presents when younger, including the Visible V-8 Engine model kit.  As I remember it, the degree of difficulty was more than I could handle, so my older cousin George built it for me. I just had the enjoyment of running the battery-powered starter motor that turned the engine over.  It was mesmerizing!

As I remember it, the kit was a small block Chevy 283 cubic inch engine. When it turned over the pistons, cams, valve lifters all moved, and spark plugs lit up.  But much of my memory of that wonderful toy is now lost in aged neuron synapses that don't fire like they used to.

A great toy and memories of snowy Christmas eves past while growing up in Kenmore, NY. Only the ghosts survive on Stillwell Avenue tonight.