Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Can Anyone Tell Me About Hans Reimann's MotorBummel durch den Orient?

Ok folks -- and I am hoping some German auto historians pick up on this post -- can shed some light on a book that I picked up several years ago and am curious about.  I have leafed through my copy but have yet to put lots of time in reading it. From what I understand this book was based on a trip taken between 1931 and 1933 by three men in a Ford.  It was published in 1935 and then again in 1942.  Why the 1942 issue?  Related to WWII and North Africa and the Middle East?

I am interested in Germans who take long road trips during the Interwar period.  At a time when so few Germans own cars let alone travel beyond German borders, trips like Reimann took were extraordinary. What about trips that took Germans back to the lost colonies, especially in Africa?

Any general information would be most appreciated.

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  1. I do not have the book, so I can not tell something about the content. Reimann was a popular writer, author of numerous novels, acts etc (for a list of his works see wikipedia). So this travel report seems to be something like a one-off. Why the 1942 issue? Maybe because at that time Germans wanted to have something to distract themselves from reality. And of course it had to be a kind of publication that had to be approved by the regime.

    But I have Reimann´s name not heard in the context of German motoring pioneers. The most important of them would be of course Clärenore Stinnes with her journey around thze world in the twenties. There are a few books on her on amazon and also a report from German TV is available on DVD