Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cars and Coffee at Austin Landing, Springboro, Ohio, July 22

First two photos are of a Porsche 914, looks like it is for sale, Very nice appearance, dash looked immaculate. An original color. I wonder what the dealer wants for this car?

I normally do not see many Fiat 124s at these events. This one was very presentable, although engine certainly was not detailed in any way. A most beautiful body style, questionable reliability, if I remember correctly!

We had considerable rain during the night and so there were not as many cars as usual, but there seemed to be plenty of people walking around! Because of the threat of rain the event was held on the covered, lower part of the parking garage. So it was sort of dark and not in a open space. I did not find many older cars there, and perhaps that is what Cars and Coffee has become in terms of a gathering.  Many young people, however, and thus quite a contrast from the Friday night Cruise-In in Beavercreek, which is large populated by "old dogs."

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