Monday, July 24, 2017

Crusin' on the River, July 23, 2017, Cincinnati, Ohio: Ed's Favorite Car, an Opel GT

My favorite car at the show today was a very nice original Opal GT -- among the first imported to this country with the body built in France prior to the building of the Opal Rudesheim factory.   Look at this photos -- original paint and original non-blemished brown leather seats.  Only 43,000 documented miles on the car.  I told the owner that he ever wanted to sell him give me a call.  

Note the cute little German flag on the front fender in one of the photos;  Of course the Goodyear tires are not spec, but that's a small thing.  And recall the odd headlight lids that were manually opened and closed -- they tilted "inward" rather than up and down.

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