Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The New 2018 Ford Mustang

So why is the Ford Mustang so enduring in American life?  Is it the sheer beauty of the car? Performance? Or is it the democratic appeal, the fact that a Mustang owner can work at a steel mill, a university, a bank, or anywhere in between?  The Mustang is one of those rare mass assembly products that both evoke status and blur class lines. It can be -- if accessorized and options -- nearly as fast as a Porsche or Ferrari -- or it can be rather tame, although tameness is increasing difficult to achieve.  If you stretch it, you could almost argue it is a family car, but that family must have short legs.  It makes a person look better, although if you dig deep enough that person is really quite unimportant, as we all are.

So the new 7th generation Mustang is coming soon at a Ford dealer near you!

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