Monday, July 24, 2017

Ed's Old Cougar at Cruisin' on the River, July 23, 2017

An Excerpt form Ed's email; to me -- 

John, in all of the many years I've been going to car shows, I'd have to rate the "Cruisin' on the River" one in Cincinnati near the top -- while it rained pretty hard in late morning, by noonthere were nearly 400 vehicles there and the rain stopped.  I had never driven old US-50 which runs along the river in the western part of Cincinnati but its like a walk back in time: Neat old buildings along side of the road.  Plus the park where this show is held each year, part of the Cincinnati park system, was spectacular!

I will send you some photos of some interesting vehicles either later today or tomorrow -- for the blog.  But my Cougar was prominently displayed (see the three attached photos).  

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