Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It gets complicated even when talking about the seat belts in my 1971 Porsche 911T

As I turn my attention from one small part of my Porsche 911 to another, I am struck by just how my effort went into this car over the years. The car came with non-inertia reel three point belts in the front, and small belts in the two rear squab seats. The swab seat belts remain as they were.  But I was not happy with traditional belts, spoiled by the convenience of inertial reel comfort and convenience.
So I began my "modernization" project by getting front belts off of a Porsche 944 located in a pick and pull yard located on 800 Energy Way in Chula Vista, CA.

A word should be said about the yards in the San Diego area. The yard in Chula Vista may be the best import pick and pull year in the country -- certainly the best I have ever used. Surprises abound, although I have never seen a 911 in that place.  But here are 944s, and the belts I got out of a car there -- after considerable strain and grunts -- were later used.  This yard, by the way, was excellent for finding Mercedes W 107 odds and ends -- a parts supply that is now drying up at other locations.
Of course, one problem would be mounding this 944 equipment in the early 911. There are proper mounting threads and holes in place. But the interior panels need to be modified. So at a all-Porsche swap meet that is held every late April in Hershey, PA, I found a pair of 1972 interior appeals that had the correct slits to feed the belt through.

I am pleased with how the project turned out, and have used this set up for many years now.  I sold the original belts on eBay for a very nice price, and really don't miss them, although if one is into originality, they are not in my car. In sum, I like things to be original, but for certain convenience matters, updating works for me.

These are what the original latches looked like.  Note that these are being offered on Ebay currently at $575!

This is like the set from a 944 that I installed. Currently selling on Ebay for $149!!

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