Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bernd Rosemeyer at the Avus, Berlin, 1937, Audi

This photograph is part of a collection of photos that I acquired while at the National Archives in early August. It depicts one of Germany's (and the world's) greatest race drivers, Bernd Rosemeyer, on a newly opened part of the Avus Race track in Berlin. A former motorcycle racer, Rosemeyer knew none of the limitations gained by experience in racing automobiles that many of his contemporaries were limited by. He was a very fast driver, so much so that he would die in an accident later in 1937. Married to a famous German aviatrix, the couple had one son who lives in the vicinity of Munich. I have not read accounts of the Avus in English, although without doubt there exist German language histories.
I'll be shifting gears to the California scene shortly, as I just arrived in San Diego.

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  1. OUTSTANDING PHOTO! Thank you for sharing. Look forward to more Rosemeyer posts.