Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is Over! Labor Day Weekend Holiday at Home Car Show, Kettering , Ohio

As Roy Orbison used to croon, "It's over!" In this case it is summer, and the annual Holiday at Home weekend in Kettering, Ohio marks this last big summer weekend. The event spans several days, includes several bands, numerous craft and food booths, and a car show, which frankly was disappointing this year. There were very few interesting cars, and indeed there were cars that were equally or more interesting in the parking lot than officially registered for the show. My favorite parking lot car was a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda that sported a huge hood scoop. There were mud jeeps, Fords including a 1946 and a 1957 Skyliner, a Lotus Europa, etc. etc., some military vehicles, but nothing in this viewers mind to make your blood move quicker.
There will be a few more fall car shows and events, but we have turned the corner here in Ohio, and cooler weather with more rain is on the way. In act, it is raining right now!

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