Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tony's 2006 Pontiac GTO: Are the Newer GTOs Faithful to the Mystique?

Hi folks -- a bit different post today. I am in San Diego visiting my daughter Lisa and son-in-law, Tony. Tony is quite the car enthusiast, and not too long ago bought this 2006 Pontiac GTO. It is stock, with the exception of a cold-air intake and Flowmaster exhaust. I had the opportunity to drive the car today, and I must say it has the feel and sounds of of a muscle car from the past. With a six speed and LS-2 engine the car is very quick and agile. How did GM come to the conclusion to end the Pontiac product line with its cars and loyal following, and keep Buick with an aging consumer base? How can people so smart make such dumb decisions? Am I missing something?

Is this version of the GTO the muscle car for the younger generation? Can a car with an Australian DNA genuinely be a part of American car culture? Does Ronny and the Daytonas "Little GTO" echo a spirit that calls forth this car as well as those of the now rather distant past?

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