Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Follow Up -- Lisa, her Mustang Convertible, and a Groundhog

Hi folks -- when I posted Lisa's auto-biographical account with her Mustang, a groundhog, and the back end of a new Mercedes I did not have the proper photos of Lisa as a 17 year old and the Mustang. Well, here they are!

I purchased the Mustang convertible in February of 1991 at the Budget car lot at the Dayton airport. I had about 7,000 miles on it and came from a rental facility in Savannah, GA. Like Lisa, I loved that car. It was not a GT, and thus was underpowered with only a 4 cylinder engine and an automatic transmission, but I didn't care. You might call it a ladies, car, but I still don't care!

Sometimes simplicity and modesty are the best course to follow, and that includes when dealing with cars. The Mustang had many options, but it was anything but a fast car. I added a computer chip to give it a bit more oomph, Koni shocks and struts, and it was certainly faster than my old 1959 MGA. And it was reliable. It got me where I wanted to go. And nothing was better than after a hard day at work to put the top down and drive home. I was the best car I ever owned.

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