Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rides for Retirees -- Tricked Out Out Wheels -- Hot Golf Carts!

Since we have Carolyn Ludwig now almost retired, I thought I would give her some ideas on what her next wheels might look like.

Driving empowers us. Our vehicles, no matter what they might be, provide us with both real and imagined opportunities in life. Mobility gives us freedom, and at every stage of life technologies give us that. it might be a stroller when we are infants, a tricycle and then bicycle in early adolescence, and it might be a golf cart or a Jazzy when we get old.

In retirement communities from Florida to Arizona, and planned communities like Peachtree City in Atlanta, tricked out golf carts are the rage. The can serve as second vehicles, and take their owners shopping, to the mall, and of course around the golf course. They are modified both internally as well as in terms of external design. Speed cut offs can be shunted, larger tires and wheels added, 1400 watt stereos attached -- all to keep folks in places like Sun City in Arizona happy and healthy. They can cost upwards of $20,000 or more, but why scrimp?
The electric car is not just in our future as highway drivers, but also as those us us about to retire and enjoy the good life. The good life with an attitude!

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