Monday, July 11, 2011

Mishari and His Cars -- A UD student "auto-biography" -- a Mitsubishi GT 3000 and far more!

Mishari Al-Abdullah
History 344
June 29, 2011
Professor Heitmann

My Different Experiences With Different Cars

Since I have been driving for fourteen years of my life, I’ve had different experiences with the different cars that I have purchased. The first car that I bought was a Mitsubishi GT 3000. It was a sport car with manual gear made from Japan. The color of my car was dark blue with white interior. That time only two of that color was available in Kuwait and I guess I was lucky to own one. Every body would give me compliments and I was very noticeable with my car. I loved to drive it because it was very soft in the road and you couldn’t feel any bumps while driving. Changing the gearshift was very smooth that you couldn’t feel or hear any noises. One day, my gear broke down and I was not able to order the part because the dealer stopped making this model and its parts. I had to wait to order the part from Japan or I had another option to wait for other damaged car with the same model of my car. In both cases I had to wait. After six months, someone had an accident with their car and I was able to have their car’s part. Even though, my car was fixed but other problems started to encounter. After a while, I decided to sale the car and buy a new one.
The second car that I purchased was a BMW 528 in 1997. I personally love all the German cars and this car was a comfortable car with a lot of different features. It had a built in T.V. , GPS, Phone and fax. It was not a sport car, it was an economy car with a six cylinder. In general in German cars, the air conditioner isn’t so great as Japanese and American cars especially if you live in a hot weather like in Kuwait. In three years of experience with this car the air conditioner was the only problem and I wanted to sale it just because I felt I need a new change in my life and I also got a good offer for my next car.
My third car was a Mercedes 500 CL. This car was my favorite car of the all cars that I’ve had. It was a sport car with two doors, and it had the same features as my BMW. It was a hydraulic to put the car in three levels to drive it in different places like deserts and roads. It also had an auto-pilot which if you use the cruse control mode that keeps your speed the same you don’t need to hit the breaks, the auto pilot does that automatically for you. The other feature that I liked about my car at that time was having able to not use any keys. I could use a small card to open the doors and the ignition was a button on the gear. This was a very new feature in the year of 2000. The seats had message, cooler and heater. I sold my car because I got a scholarship in United States of America, and I wanted to continue my studies there.
The first car that I bought In America was a Jaguar X type sport. It was a British car with black exterior and interior with shaded windows. It had heated seats, which was very helpful in the cold weather conditions in the United States. It had a sensor that helped me to park as I was getting close to the other cars. It was a four-wheel drive, which made it easy to drive in the ice. The parts were expensive to replace and not a lot of people had enough experience with fixing the Jaguar in Indiana. For instance, if I wanted to replace the rotor or the break pads, they charged me couple hundred dollars just to look at the car, therefore I decided to sale my Jaguar and try an American car for the first time.
I bought a Chrysler Sebring as my current car. I thought its better to have an American car while living in United States incase if encounter with any problems. The labor and the parts are much cheaper than any other cars. It is a convertible with six cylinders with any features except the heated seats. The bad side of this car is where its battery is designed. If you want to replace it, you have to remove the tire and the cover which it needs a special screw. This doesn’t help if you get stuck in the highway, and I don’t understand how people came up with where they located the battery. I was in a hurry to get a new car and this car was the first thing that was in my budget at that time. I don’t really like it but it takes me around from point A to B. I have other plans when I graduate but for now this car satisfies my needs. I am planning to buy my dream car when I go back home for good.

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