Monday, July 18, 2011

Targa Top IV: Lateral Straps are now Glued and Riveted

Here are the "Tuff-Stuff" straps glued and riveted to the targa frame. Usually on the web it is said that if the straps are gone, then you are in big trouble. We'll see! Mine were almost all worn to the point where they served no real function anymore. In particular, there were full breaks at the most important points, namely those slats that are between the edge plates and the center plate. So the only option I had was to get new material, set up a geometric jig of sorts, and then put the material on myself.

I used contact cement to glue the straps on. This takes some careful planning concerning alignment, as the line on the strap indicates. Contact cement is the way to go according to a local convertible top restorer. It will stick.

I don't know if my wood jig parts were accurate enough or not, but I just used carefully measured and cut pieces of wood to attain proper alignment.

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