Monday, July 4, 2011

An Original Mercedes 190 and a 1954 Kaiser-Darrin at the Americana Festival, Centerville, Ohio, July 4, 2011

Hi folks -- every July 4 for some time now Steve Scudder and I have gone to the car show at the Americana festival held in Centerville, Ohio. I have some great memories of Americana past-- fireworks with the Leslie family many years ago, when daughter Lisa was only 3; watching Lisa as a High Schooler running behind a float during the parade. This year was special because Steve is recovering from surgery, and had no problems talking the long walk from his house and back. The Mercedes-Benz 190 was special because it was so original. Purchased in Germany by a G.I.-- the same owner put it on display today, with his original G.I. tag from Germany on display as well. A great example of a largely unmolested special car.

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