Saturday, July 30, 2011

Porsches to Oxford, July 30, 2011

Hi folks -- I took a nice 55 minute drive to Oxford, Ohio this morning and participated for several hours in the Porsches to Oxford event. This is the 7th gathering, and I wonder how many other events bring in more Porsches to a single place for a day? I doubt Hershey in April. Can you think of any event that gets more than 400 Porsches for a single day get-together?
I always wonder what motivates many of the folks who come however, since most of the entrants drive newer models. Is it look at the money I can spend? How about the looks of my trophy wife? (There are plenty of frumpy wives here as well!) The older cars and technical discussions are quite different than the conversations involving the crowd who bring in their newer cars, however.
For me the highlight is the great early morning ride with the top down on Ohio 725. It is a simply exhilarating drive, and I should take many more of these before the air turns cold and the pavement wet or snow covered.

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