Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UD Student "Auto-Biography" -- Pablo Janer and his Infiniti G35

An Infinit G35, taken from the Web, probably not that different from Pablo's!

Pablo Janer
HST 344
June 30, 2011
The light goes green and my foot plunges down on the pedal. The engine roars and the back of my head hits the headrest as my Infiniti G35 approaches one hundred miles an hour. Everything in the world seems to disappear except for power behind my wheels on the hot asphalt. The speedometer keeps climbing to 120, then 130. My heart is racing so fast I feel it may explode but my foot won’t come off the petal. My body begins to tremble and I start sweating, but my hands stay firm on the wheel. Before I realize it, I am flying down the road at one hundred and fifty six miles an hour. I let off the gas and I begin my slow decent back to double digit speeds. By the time I reach the next stoplight I have the biggest grin on my face as the low fuel level light pops on and a huge sense of accomplishment. This was one of the many experiences that I have had with my Alee, pronounced with a Spanish accent. Since this beauty came into my life, we have been inseparable. I remember the first weekend she sat in my garage. I was going at it all day and night waxing, polishing, cleaning, and detailing. This was the beginning of a long bond.
I remember taking her to the shop where I began the process of customizing my G to be unique and a spitting image of who I am. Since she was already a custom dark purple, she was already one of a kind, but I needed more. I began with the intake, replacing the stock with an Injen cold air intake. Following through the engine I got racing headers and a full Magnaflow exhaust with extended tips. And to finish it all off I replaced the stock suspension springs with coilovers so I could adjust the height of my ride to be just perfect. All this combined with the body, seemingly crafted by gods, with its perfect curves and sleek rear spoiler made Alee what she is today. What most do not know is that I even got a little teary eyed when I first heard my car after I put the new exhaust on it. Some people seemed to find my relationship with my car an obsession, but I firmly disagreed. I was just in love.
I found myself quickly jumping at every opportunity to drive her that I could find. If my mother said she had to go pick something up from the grocery store, I would ask to go instead to buy the groceries. I would pick up my brothers from school, and pretty much anything that involved driving. No longer was driving about getting from point A to point B, but the experience that I could get on the way there.
This past year was the first time I had brought my car to Dayton all the way from Houston. It was an amazing twenty-one hour drive. I drove from Houston to New Orleans, then from there to Memphis and the last stretch to Dayton. I loved having my car in Dayton. My grades even improved, because I had my outlet for stress! Although one night, around four in the morning, I received a call from public safety to tell me that my car had been hit in its parking spot. My heart sank and the next morning I went to see the damage that Alee had incurred. It was terrible. The rear left side of my car had a huge crevasse where the perfect body that she used to have. I was mortified and when I took the car to the body shop, the damages incurred were exceeding three thousand dollars! But this was not the end of my exciting experiences with my car.
Once my junior year ended, it was time to start my journey down to Daytona, Florida. This trip though, was started at night as to make it to Daytona at the brink of day. I think this may have been one of my most enjoyed long distance trips I had ever taken. Much like my trip to Dayton, it was a long interstate road with mountains and forests all around. The only thing that was different this time was that I got to experience the road as the sun began to rise. It was a wonderful sight and something that I will never forget, listening to great music, windows down flying down the road to Daytona.
I have always been passionate about cars. It has been an interest and a hobby of mine since I was a child. I have driven high end cars and low end vehicles, from a supercharged V-8 Jaguar XFR and a BMW 650i to dune buggies, and they all fascinate me. Driving has also always been my outlet for stress, my place to ponder and think about life, and even the place I had my first kiss. I love to take drives with no destination, but just to enjoy the trip.


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  2. I certainly feel your story, John. I also have this burning passion for cars. They make me feel like a new person whenever I lay my hands on the steering wheel. I also have an Infiniti and mine’s an EX35. That crossover SUV has served me and my family for years.
    - Ashely Redden