Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's Not Just ‘Black & White’ -- Cop Cars and Colors --

Check this article out -- thanks to Ed Garten!  The old style Broderick Crawford "Highway Patrol" look changed over the past two decades for various reasons.

Note however that police visibility has also changed due to the type of vehicle employed. Profile isn't always the indicator that a "Bear" is in the vicinity. In Centerville, Ohio, where I live, Centerville cops -- notorious for setting speed traps at the bottom of a hill on Alex Bell near Clyo now use SUVs or large Crossovers -- with blue stripe markings on a white background.

That is the good thing about the Ohio State Patrol --for the most part gray vehicles of conventional size and height.  But every once and a while a SUV is sitting in the Interstate median!

It's Not Just ‘Black & White’

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