Friday, April 8, 2016

"My Mother-in-Law the Car;" What would be an Appropriate Car for your dead Mother-in-Law to Inhabit?

I absolutely hated this show when I was kid.  It was stupid, and at age 17 I had no patience for such a ridiculous TV farce.  Ann Southern was a great lady and actress, but her voice could not enhance one of the worst entertainment ideas ever. At least that was my hateful thinking at the time.  Now maybe I need to reconsider the value of this program.  Ever drive the car of a lead loved one?  Do you feel the presence of that person?  Be honest.

Maybe reincarnation into a car is a bit far-fetched, but the link between things and the human spirit can be quite real.

As an aside, what kind of car would your dead mother-in-law inhabit?

An AMC Gremlin?

A Pontiac Aztek?

A 1948 Packard?

A 1959 Rambler?

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