Monday, July 5, 2010

Chrysler National Meet, Carillon Park, Dayton Ohio July 3

This is a very interesting badge, given my interest in the history of auto theft. Taken from a 1921 Dodge grill, it is a period piece that expresses the huge concern about auto theft at that time.
Engine bay form a 1934 Airflow
Dash from a 1934 Airflow
Dash from a 1956 Chrysler Windsor

Hi folks -- it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I found time to make it over to the Chrysler Meeting at Carillon Park. I was a bit surprised that only about 100 cars would come to a national meet -- does that say something about brand loyalty -- I don't know. The cars that were there, however, did not disappoint. My favorite? A beat up 1921 Dodge roadster that was for sale. Very original, and my guess is that it would be fun to drive. There was a 1934 Airflow, and I had a very good look at that car. There was even a 1984 Plymouth Reliant there -- not to many of Lee Iacocca and Hal Sperlich's babies left.

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