Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Music While On the Road -- The Automobile Record Player

Developed by the Chrysler Corporation, used 16 2/3 records, 1956
Lawrence Welk and a 1956 DeSoto

A 1963 RCA Model

Hi folks -- there is a story here that should be told in print form rather than on the web. Another one of those things in our lives that mean so much to us for a time, only later to be discarded for something better. I wonder how many teenagers during the 1950s and early 1960s worried their parents to death until they went out and bought one of these contraptions!

A reminiscence by former colleague Ed Garten:

"When I was in college, however, one of the guys in the rooming house I lived in had a 1959 Edsel -- jet black -- beautiful (yet ugly) car. He had one of those rare to see little in-car record players under the dash. Most of them would only play 45 RPM records and only one at a time. His favorite 'date night' record was "Unchained Melody." He would play it over and over again in that Edsel."

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