Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Racer's Requiem -- a 1958 poem dedicated to the late Bob Sweikert

This poem was published in Speed Age, may 1958, and written be Elinor Myerfield of San Francisco. It was dedicated to Bob Sweikert.

You're far from the oil and
engine's exhaust
Gone forever -- but yet, not lost.
For where cars compete and
speed is king,
Your soul is always on the wing.
Your heart still beats in
motor's throb
Within each driver--you're
there, Bob.
To guide their hands upon the
And strengthen nerves like
tempered steel.
You whisper caution in their ear
To keep them calm and free
from fear.
You wish them luck and softly
"Stay safe -- and win another
Now you sleep in a quiet place
While others continue with the race.
But our loving thoughts to every
Will bring your dauntless spirit

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