Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Poetry of Linda Pastan : "Cable Jumping" -- Analogies of Car Parts and Human Parts

Poet Linda Pastan

Analogies and imagery involving car parts and human parts have been drawn in art and music in the past, whether it be the words in Robert Johnson’s “Terraplane Blues,” Mel Ramos’ canvas “Kar Kween,” or the “Dagmars” on early 1950s Cadillacs. Poet Linda Pastan spoke in terms of organs analogous to car parts, and connections no different than the flow of electricity under a hood. The end result of coming together or jump starting is the achievement of synchronicity, of reaching similar voltages.

When our cars touched,
When you lifted the hood of mine
To see the intimate workings underneath,
When we were bound together
By a pulse of pure energy,
When my car like the princess
In the tale woke with a start,
I thought why not ride the rest of the way together?

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